Refund Policy

WhiteLabelThemes offers all its customers 30 day refunds on all products. We care for our customer’s happiness and want to make sure they are happy and satisfied with our products at all times.

Our products are digital and are subject to the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25th October 2011 on consumer rights. What that directive means is that digital products which are downloadable, are excluded from the right of withdrawal and are not eligible for refunds under the law. However, we believe that customers should not pay for products that do not solve their problems. For this reason, we do provide refunds to our customers when our product is broken or does not work as promised. But, to prevent abuse of our liberal refund policy, we reserve the right to refuse refunds at our discretion.

We want to keep our refund policy fair for our customers. For this reason, we want you to understand your rights regarding refunds and the conditions under which we might refuse those refunds.

We thoroughly test our products for any potential issues and expect them to work on your website perfectly.

If you face any issues with our products, we suggest you take the following steps before requesting a refund.

  1. Check our video tutorials and extensive documentation for the specific product to find answers
  2. Check if your WordPress installation meets the technical requirements of the specific product
  3. Ask for help from the support staff by opening a support ticket here.

Note that most products require some setting up to work as desired. An error message during product usage may be a sign of improper configuration, and we would recommend properly setting up the product by reading the documentation.

Initiating a refund from the payment provider or issuing a chargeback will not speed up the process of your refund, as we reserve the right to hold refund requests.

If you follow all the above steps and even our support staff is unable to solve issues with your product, we will gladly refund your purchase. Please note that the time to request a refund is under 30 days from the purchase of the product. After 30 days, we won’t be able to process any refunds.

If you have any doubts before purchasing a product, contact our sales team or create a support ticket. We will be happy to answer any pre-sale questions. Make sure to include as many details as possible about your server and hosting configuration for our staff to evaluate.